The next round of classes will begin on April 28th! We will announce the location by April 15th, so check back in!

BEST Intro Class, 4/28

We’ve updated the Intro Class video to make it shorter and contain only the action shots! Get caught up on the BEST Spark Program and upcoming Workshop on May 22nd!

For those who made the Intro Class on April 28th, you learn a few new things about the program. We’ve made some big changes and now the 5-class format will be contained within our BEST Weekend Workshop coming on May 22nd! Make sure to get your tickets–it’s a big commitment but the BESTies will make it worth it!

If you’ve already begun your journey and read the Intro Pages, click above to let us know your ready! Otherwise, click on “BEST Achievement Program” above to learn more.

What's the BEST Achievement Program All About?

This video provides a quick overview of the BEST Achievement Program. Click the link to find out more and get started!